Navigating the World of Work

Adulting. The term I'm hearing more frequently these days referring to the middle-aged adult-like responsibilities we have to gear-up for... like replacing the water heater that flooded our newly remolded basement, cleaning up the poop and vomit of our toddler's bed the night before a big presentation, or fighting for that refund from the company who sent you the wrong product for the third time.

'Adulting' may also refer to the effort required when going after what we want in our work lives. We may enter the workforce at age 18 or 22 with the skills we think we need - and then quickly learn there's a whole other ball game at play - where we have to be adults who play adult 'games' and have adult conversations with our boss and co-workers. Simple to say, but often times not easy to do, especially if we haven't had the practice or even know where to begin.

In fact, the Gallup poll from August 2017 indicates that 70% of employees in the US hate their jobs. According to the poll questions, reasons are around poor fit with their skills, bad boss, work that's not tied to the company's purpose, no recognition, or simply don't know what to do to make it great. Sure, companies are responsible to create great workplaces, train their managers, define their purpose, and take your feedback, but it's also on each of us to take responsibility for our own needs, gifts, actions, and attitudes so that we can get what we need AND meet the needs of our job.

For this reason, I created Ever Spark, LLC - a place of information, answers, and inspiration to succeed in the WORLD OF WORK. Whether you are just entering the workforce, want to make the most of your current job, looking for a new job, or freelancing your skills on the open market - this is the place where you can get what you need to do your ADULTING at work in a fast, efficient, and dare we say - FUN way!

So follow this blog for a weekly theme and then tune in on Twitter or Facebook for thematic inspirations and additional content. Together, we can conquer this ADULTING stuff and make work great again!  #ChooseGreatWork #WorkHappy

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