Resumes and other Accoutrements
by Kristie Dierig on June 26th, 2018
So maybe you’ve been job hunting for a while now, sending your resume to 30+ companies - with zero responses. Feels like you submitted your resume to a black hole, right? Is it your resume... or something else? Why won’t someone call you back?Chances are it is your resume - but it might require more than your resume too.Of the resumes I've seen in my career, most people list responsibilities as de...  Read More
Tis better to Serve than Be Served
by Kristie Dierig on June 13th, 2018
Are you at work to get a paycheck, get recognized, get flexibility, and get out of there... or are you there to motivate and inspire those around you to give their best?If we look to Fortune's 100 Top Companies to Work For, we find these companies are doing more than offering a paycheck. Many of them achieve this status because they think about how to serve, motivate, respect, and inspire the peop...  Read More
21st Century Networking
by Kristie Dierig on June 8th, 2018
If you've spent any length of time searching for a job, you likely heard you don't get a job by your resume alone, but by who you know. And who you know comes from your personal network.But what does your network look like in today's day and age?Whether you are right out of college or already in the work force, you likely have a strong network already. Classmates from school or current co-workers ...  Read More
Finding That Dream Career
by Kristie Dierig on May 30th, 2018
According to Elite Daily, only 6% of people achieve their childhood dreams of what they want to be when they grow up. So then why is it a topic of conversation, or even a goal, for our kids or an expectation of us as parents or grandparents?Regardless of the target success rate, I believe it’s still a valid question and an important one you should be asking yourself. Much like the Cheshire Cat in ...  Read More
I's gots to go!
by Kristie Dierig on May 22nd, 2018
Sometimes the best option is to leave your current employer and start somewhere else. Whether you've maxed out your career options, grown bored, disagree with management, or just need a change, the right next step might be to look for a new job.But where to begin? And how do you exit gracefully, getting what you need without burning bridges?If you are anything like me, you are afraid to tell them ...  Read More
Live to Work
by Kristie Dierig on May 14th, 2018
Live to Work or Work to Live?That proverbial question. It can drum up all kinds of deep, Friday night beer drinking, BBQ'in, back deck conversations. Which do you do today and which would you like to do? Many of us may reply "I work to live... but I'd really like to Live to Work... because I spend so much time doing it already.." I'd like to believe the "Live to Work" option is available to each o...  Read More