Every story begins with a SPARK.

Kristie Dierig comes with 17 years experience working at a Fortune 50 company in both IT and HR expertise areas. She has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, a Masters in Human Resource Development, 7 years experience in life and career coaching, and 10 years of Design Thinking facilitation and Organization Development consultation. Her deep technical acumen, sharp strategic thinking, and business experience enable her to guide her clients through an array of options and creative solutions when exploring their own career journeys. She is also available for speaking engagements, training workshops, group facilitation, or event design consulting. Review her CV for a full list of previous experiences and position held.

She lives in Northern Kentucky outside of Cincinnati with her husband, two sons, and two dogs. She loves yoga, home renovations, hiking, and spending time with her family.
You go to school, go to college, get a job, work hard, save money, and retire.  Isn't that every person's Career Story?
But what if you find yourself bored in this story... or even 'stuck'? And what if YOUR STORY could be so much more than that?
This is where I started my own Career Journey
and why I created Ever Spark, LLC.

At age 17, growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, MI, I knew little about professional jobs or US companies. All I knew was I loved math and science, could play a musical instrument, and did pretty well on tests. So, I moved ahead to study engineering at the University of Michigan and 'find myself' and my career. In four years, I walked away with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering, yet still did not know what career options were available to me..

Through job fairs and resume uploads, I fortunately landed a job with a Fortune 50 company and relocated to Cincinnati, OH. And even there, despite measurable success in IT application development and Business Analytics, I found myself wondering where I belonged and what was I uniquely qualified to do. So, I did some more soul searching and decided to get my Masters in Human Resource Development at Xavier University while I transferred into Human Resources work.

I share all this to let you know a career journey is hardly predictable and often, not text-book logical. If you feel your own career journey is jumpy and random (like mine) - you're not alone. Maybe it's just what you need to do to find the right fit. In fact, I would argue I'm stronger and more well rounded because of my experiences so far and when looking back, I realize I have an amazing story filled with life lessons, new skills, and amazing friendships.

So if you are stuck in your current job, lost in where to go next, getting ready to enter the job market, looking for a new job, or getting in to freelance... GO FOR IT!... and don't do it alone. Be bold and courageous, gather a team of people to help you, and don't forget to include Ever Spark. I believe you are meant to do amazing things and work in wonderful way - where a little SPARK might be all you need to get there!