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Your job can be more than just a job.  It can be an experience that SPARKS your interest, leverages your best abilities, and makes a difference in your life and the lives of others. It can be a place where you feel you BELONG and MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Let's face it - life it too important and too short to say "I'll just wait until retirement."

With some help, enjoying WORK can be possible for everyone - no matter your profession - and only a SPARK away.  A word of encouragement, an insight, or a connection is often all you need to make a shift in that direction. Ever Spark, LLC is here to provide that needed push and to help you find the best fit between what you are uniquely designed to do and the best job opportunities available.

Whether it's a quote or article for inspiration, career and personality assessments, resume writing, job search strategies, or personal consultation, Ever Spark, LLC can help you break through the monotony and discover the JOY OF WORK, so you can share your  SPARK wherever you WORK.


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Katie Kinnemeyer

Life Coach & Innovation Guide
White Paw Ventures, LLC

"I love working with Kristie! She patiently allows me to sort through everything in my brain, and she reflects back the core insights and themes that she hears, and it feels like WOW! SHE GETS ME! Then when it comes to figuring out the next step, her expertise and encouragement centers around the process to bring ideas to life so you can put it out into the world and see what  happens. She was an incredible support keeping me focused on my core purpose as I was shifting my goals and approach to my business."

Eric S. King

Director of
Application Support
"Kristie is awesome! She takes the time to understand where you want to go with your career, what you are trying to accomplish, and what types of career opportunities you are interested in. When I was looking for a new position, she helped me hone my resume so that it was concise, yet descriptive, and made my accomplishments stand out so that potential employers could see what unique capabilities, skills, and experiences I bring to the position. While our focus was on my resume, she provided excellent advice on improving interview answers and finding opportunities that matched what I wanted to do with my life. Kristie was instrumental in helping me get the position I have today."


Corporate Communications
"There is no need to stress about the resume process when there's someone like Kristie to help! She took a sincere interest in getting to know my work experience and what makes me unique. She pushed me to provide metrics and facts that led to a resume of quality beyond anything I could have prepared on my own. "

Jessica Bacher

Life Coach and Founder
Get to It Coaching
"Kristie's enthusiasm and rigor helped turn a pipedream into reality. Using questions and exercises to break down an unorganized concept, I was able to see things more realistically and clearly!"

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